Government services Development

Provide high-quality services that live up to international standards. To achieve an organizational vision that enables Excellence in Governmental Service, from which the Government Services Development Initiative emerged, which focuses on shifting towards customer-centric services and increasing customer satisfaction and government efficiency. Through the following:


  • Raise awareness and help the customer service staff to apply basic principles for the delivery of government services.
  • Improved customer experience and gain satisfaction through the provision of better services and more efficiency.
  • Building a unique culture where the prevailing standards are to be excellence in service, and a focus on customers and enhance government efficiency.



To Enable government and non-government organizations to achieve :


1) Advanced smart services that are interested in providing services quickly

2) Simple and easy-to-get services and access to the service

3) Innovative, creative, renewable, and always evolving services

4) Embedded services in a shifting form around the needs of the customer and to achieve his happiness

5) Highly efficient services that achieve sustainability and balance in providing a service that satisfies the customer and government agencies

6) Integrated integrated services in service packages that facilitate the customer’s journey and achieve a positive experience

7) Proactive services in which the entity takes the initiative to provide important services that the applicants need


How ITICS Can Help Organizations in this Regard?

  • Develop an integrated plan for the implementation of the Government Service Excellence Framework Criteria based on:
  • The International Standard for Service Excellence (TISSE 2012)
  • Baldrige Performance Excellence Program
  • ( EPI ) Effective Institution Platform
  • Council for Excellence in Government
  • Digital Service Standard
  • EFQM (the European Foundation for Quality Management)
  • UAE Government Service Excellence Program7 Star Program


  • Propose developmental initiatives that contribute to raising the level of service and adequate with the Government Service Excellence program Criteria, and develop suggestions for improvement.
  • Propose monthly and yearly mechanisms to motivate the staff.