– Certified Assessor and team leader according to DEGP, ADEGP, SKEGP, DQA Trainer for EAT (Excellence Assessor Training) EFQM Criteria.
– Trainer for MAT (Master Assessor Training) EFQM Criteria

Wael Yahya has been working with many different training& development institutions with an intensive knowledge in the excellence, quality and HR development field. He is handling all the needed training and mentoring works successfully. He is well versed in the areas of organization gap analysis. self assessment, ISO standard Audit, HR audit and training needs analysis (TNA) as well as measuring the return on investment (ROI). He participated in developing, designing and articulating many syllabuses for various types of government and non-government organizations. These professional experience and strong background have qualified him to be a certified management trainer.

He has a diversified strong practical and academic background in excellence, organization development, human resource management, soft skills, and organizational behaviour issues in general. Based on his solid academic and practical backgrounds, he developed and tailored many training courses for many UAE and multinational companies in/outside Egypt.

Wael Yahya is an active member and a certified assessor from the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), And a practitioner of IIP (investors In People) standards.

He is Versatile and creative leader with strong business consulting acumen in both conceptualization (analysis, strategy and planning) and in implementation (project management, negotiation and documentation). He is a certified professional trainer from the Canadian Global Center (CGC), to train and assess trainers capabilities and evaluate the effectiveness of the developed business training programs.
He has an extensive record in delivering different HR, management, excellence and soft skills programs.
He is also a certified INLPTA practitioner for NLP, accredited from INLPTA, USA.

He worked and participated as a consultant in many private and governmental companies such as MIS group, SPARK, Knowledge Kingdom, IPE, CMI, Abu Dhabi police, DIHRD-Dubai gov., and TANMIA- Federal gov.