Innovation and technical and economic efficiency, taking care of the environmental impact


With an innovative real-time integral management and control system for urban parking


  • Strategy and Operation Management Framework
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ISO 37120 Sustainable development of communities — Indicators for city services and quality of life
ISO 37101 Sustainable development of communities – Management systems –requirements  with guidance for resilience and smartness
ISO 37102 Sustainable development & resilience of communities – Vocabulary
BS 8904 sustainable communities and framework recommendations and guidance
PD 8100 guidance on how to effectively communicate the value of smart cities to key decision-makers
PD 8101 Smart cities – Guide to development, a smart city planning document
PAS 182 Data concept model for smart cities
PAS 181 Smart city framework standard
ISO/TR 37150 Smart community infrastructures – Review of existing activities relevant to metrics


  • Operation Standard for Smart Cities
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ISO/TR 37121  Inventory & review of existing indicators on sustainable development & resilience in cities
ISO/TS 37151  Smart community infrastructure – principles & requirements for performance metrics
ISO/TR 37152  Smart community infrastructures — Common framework for development & operation
PAS 180 Development of standard on smart city terminology
ISO/IEC AWI 30145  Information technology – Smart city ICT reference framework
ISO/IEC AWI 30146  Information technology – Smart city ICT indicators
The International Code Council (ICC )  2012 International Green Construction Code (IgCC)
Going Beyond Code A Guide for Creating Effective Green Building Programs for Energy Efficient and Sustainable Communities
ASHRAE Standard 189.1 Standard for the Design of High-Performance Green Buildings


  • Technical Standard for smart cities
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ISO 14000 Environmental management
ISO 50001 Energy management
ISO 280001 Information security management
ISO 22000 Food safety management
ISO 26000 Social responsibility
ISO 31000 Risk Management
ISO/TC 204 Intelligent transport system
ISO/TC 22 Road vehicles
ISO/TC 205 Building environment design
ISO/TC 20 Aircraft and space vehicles
ISO/TC 59 Buildings and civil engineering