Government services Development

  • Raise awareness and help the customer service staff to apply basic principles for the delivery of government services.
  • Improved customer experience and gain satisfaction through the provision of better services and more efficient.
  • Building a unique culture where the prevailing standards are to be excellence in service, and a focus on customers and enhance government efficiency.

How ITICS Can Help Organizations in this Regard?

  • Develop an integrated plan for the implementation of the Government Service Excellence Framework Criteria based on:
  • The International Standard for Service Excellence (TISSE 2012)
  • Baldrige Performance Excellence Program
  • ( EPI ) Effective Institution Platform
  • Council for Excellence in Government
  • Digital Service Standard
  • EFQM (the European Foundation for Quality Management)
  • UAE Government Service Excellence Program 7 Star Program


  • Proposal developmental initiatives that contribute to raise the level of service and adequate with the Government Service Excellence program Criteria, and develop suggestion for improvement.
  • Proposal monthly and yearly mechanism to motivate the staff.